De Anne: Describe what keeps you on track each day with your fitness and health regimen.

Brand Ambassador De Anne Christopher:

I’ve always been an active individual. The benefits of health and fitness and how they’ve shaped my life guide me each day. I try to maintain a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, but I love sugar and usually need to pay close attention to that one! My daily goals include healthy meals that provide energy- well balanced- and some form of physical fitness each day. Staying on track is not a passing thought; it is a commitment to be active and healthy. So I preplan my days to see how the best way to incorporate fitness into my day. I feel I don’t have the greatest excuses to not be healthy or active.

I am an avid runner. I tend to cover about 40 miles a week. I also work with a personal trainer for added variety and to challenge muscle groups. However, my pole fitness was probably the most memorable change in my life. This is not just a workout that makes you feel confident, inspired, sexy, strong, the list goes on, but challenges every single fiber of muscle and stamina when practiced. I often tell people that I can dance for 4 minutes and it feels like I ran for 30!! This has actually changed the way I look at fitness and health and the way my body has been shaped from this exercise. This is the best shape I have ever been in my life. But it is so important to cross train. Crosstraining has boosted my fitness abilities.

Honestly I love working out. I like the variety as I described above and I think that’s what keeps me passionate. I find it the hardest when I am tired or sore from a prior heavy workout. But I know how I feel after I’m finished, so that usually fuels my motivation workout.

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