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If you’re looking for a sensual, effective total-body workout, you’ve come to the right place. WELCOME TO INVERSION DANCE STUDIOS. If you’re brand new to pole dancing, I recommend starting with our Pole: Beginner classes to learn the fundamentals, and complementing it with our Fluidity in Pole: Beginner classes to smoothly link your pole-work together with floor-work. To safely progress and ensure fine tuning for your body, be sure to cross-train with our Pole Strengthening & Flexibility, and Pole Play classes.

Beginning pole dancing is a very exciting time! As sexy and empowering as pole dancing is, it’s also an aerial art that compels patience and consistency. Consider your beginner level classes as the foundation that develops over time for long lasting results, and is something to always revisit when you find yourself immersed in the intermediate and advanced levels. Be sure to visit our website to read entire menu of the updated class descriptions and blogs and learn how to get the most from your classes.

We are confident you will enjoy your experience with Inversion, and look forward to offering you the best of what pole dancing represents.

Jenny Shih

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