Stephanie: Describe what helps keeps you on track each day with your fitness and health regimen.

Something that really keeps me on track is having a set schedule and constantly having a goal to work towards. I always plan things out, anything from my schedule for that day, to my meals. I am constantly jotting ideas down, plans that I have coming up, down to my everyday tasks. I like to have structure, and constant motivation is key for me. Personally, I stay motivated by being connected on social media and following some of the big names in the pole community to learn new tricks on the pole, watch different styles of pole and cool concepts and themes for performances. It’s extremely motivating, it makes me want to work even harder towards my goals so someday I can reach them.

I always try to workout as soon as I have my downtime from work or school. It’s extremely important to me to get time on the pole, do some Pilates, yoga or some kind of physical activity. I try to do this several times throughout the week because I want to maintain active and fit. I always work out because I know I will get closer to my fitness goals, to me it never seems like work but more so fun because it’s something that I love and truly enjoy doing.

A major change I recently made in my life is choosing to switch over to a vegan lifestyle. It’s something I am super proud of. It has been my biggest accomplishment thus far internally. It requires a lot of commitment and discipline, much like pole, but I am so content in how it made me feel so liberated and it has allowed me to be a healthier person inside and out. Most importantly, it has given me the opportunity to open my eyes and have a completely new mindset. My mental and pole journey has grown a lot throughout the years and I’m excited to advance in growth and see how far I can go!

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