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Laura Marie

Laura Marie



Following a relocation from Washington, D.C. to California a few years ago, Laura was really lacking direction in her fitness path. After unsuccessfully pursuing different hobbies and workout regimens, and too nervous to attend a pole class within a studio, Laura began teaching herself to pole dance at home. Initially being drawn to pole by the amazing power of intense tricks, she quickly grew what started as a curiosity into an obsession. Having a background in gymnastics and ballet, Laura began to rediscover the strength and flexibility she thought was long lost. A year into dancing, Laura entered her first pole studio. She became immediately fixated on learning the sensuality and freedom in the dance styles she saw demonstrated. To this day, she is continually inspired by the grace and strength of classic pole movement. Laura is a Pole Sport Organization competitor and a Professional Division PCS Queen Mary Championship 2014 Competitor.

Laura is thankful every day to have found a safe environment for self-discovery, as she is more connected to herself not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. Laura is excited to be a pole dance instructor, helping women liberate themselves through dance, developing movement by cultivating individual style without judgment.

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Hey Brea, you're lookin' good.

Hey Brea, you're lookin' good.

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