Xmas Chair Striptease workshop

No pole dance experience necessary. Perfect to give to yourself or to your special someone this holiday season!
Learn how to work a folding chair and strip off layers of clothing to a Xmas inspired song! Our Xmas themed workshop will provide you with a unique gift to give, or to keep for just yourself. Students will be given step-by-step instruction and learn a sensual chair/floor dance routine. New to inversion or currently a student? Spice up your workout regimen and fulfill your curiosity. No pole at home? No problem! Get the complete benefits from this routine, as it does not include polework. Be sure to bring extra layers of clothing to striptease with!

$45 per person. Sunday 12/17 10a-11:30a.  

Attire to “strip” off:
- relaxed-fit tank top 
- button down shirt (loose dress shirt)
- jacket 
- tie (we have a few available for use if you don’t have one)

Layers to have “underneath”:
- sports bra or tank top
- shorts or leggings

*heels are optional but recommended. Kneepads/over the knee socks are also recommended. 

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Amaze yourself today.

Amaze yourself today.

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