Yuka: What's in my gym bag?

I like to keep my gym bag as light as possible and just carry the essentials with me to Inversion.

  • First – I love my gym bag. I am a huge fan of hello kitty, the color black, and my grandpa back in Japan gave this to me 🙂
  • Knee pads! They become a necessary part of your pole workout when you do floor work. I don’t do much of it, but am trying to do more so my fluidity and transitions improve in free dance. Along with knee pads, leg warmers become essential. Sometimes I wear them so that my muscles don’t get cold when I’m resting. At other times, they make sliding and rolling through movement a lot easier, and taking off leg warmers can be a part of your routine 😉
  • GRIP!! (Dry Hands and Firm Grip Spray) A MUST HAVE. I am a sweaty person, so Dry Hands is more effective for me. I carry 2 just in case! I really don’t know why…but it give me peace of mind knowing I have back up grip. Grip helps me stay on the pole longer and when you’re able to securely grip the pole, you’re able to also perform tricks safely. The Firm Grip doesn’t work on my hands very well, but works well on my body. When I need to do something that requires a knee, elbow, or thigh grip, the Firm Grip works wonders. And the weather will also affect what grip works better for you!
  • Footsies – it’s the beige half sock looking thing. I use these mostly when I dance. It helps me turn and spin more freely. Also, footsies remind me to point my toes. Pointed toes are very important to me!
  • Biore Powder Sheets – It’s the light green pack under my knee pads. Sometimes I have to run to dinner and drinks with friends right after an intense pole class and these are a lifesaver when I can’t shower right away. You just wipe away all your sweat and it leaves you powdery fresh with a light citrus scent!
  • Tic Tacs and Chapstick – I just like having fresh breath and moisturized lips for all my polemates 🙂 😉
  • Therabands – these help me stretch a lot. I stretch every day and when I want to push myself, I use these bands to pull my leg to my head.
  • Last but definitely not least, my shoes! These are my second pair of shoes. I started out with 6 inch clear heels and graduated to these 7 inch beauties. Shoes help you do floor work, shoe claps (if you want), and make your lines long. I am not a fan of dancing in shoes but am slowly learning to love them <3
  • That’s all folks! Happy poling!

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