Our custom built studio in Brea, offers you the ideal facility and environment to begin or continue your pole journey.

Studio Policies

Few things to know before your class:

-Please make your instructor aware of any present or past injuries that may be pertinent to your instruction
-You will be learning various pole dancing techniques that may result in normal leg bruising


– 5 hour Cancellation: sign out at least 5 hours before class time or else the credit will be forfeited. If you have a unlimited membership, a $10 fee is charged for that class.
– Tardiness: if students are more than 15 to 20 minutes late, their spots will be given to any standbys or walk-ins present. Instructors reserve the right to deny attendance if you are more than 15 to 20 minutes late.
– No transfers, extensions, or package splits.
– Refunds: can be given within 24 hours of purchase, and for unused services only.
Expiration dates
Starter Package: 30 days from first visit
Starter Membership: 14 days from first visit
1,4,8,12 class packages, Inversionette Membership: 5 months from purchase date


– No oils or lotions are permitted on the skin for pole classes.
– No rings/bracelets are allowed to be worn during class.
– Class Attire: workout top, shorts, and heels (optional, or you can dance barefoot). For our choreography classes: kneepads, legwarmers, or over-the-knee socks are strongly recommended. Kneepads and socks are also available for purchase at our studio.

Waiting Area during class:

– Please be mindful and keep talking volume to a minimum and wait until the class is over to walk through the classroom.
– No small children or toddlers are allowed to be present.


– Leave all personal belongings away in the storage room.
– No filming instruction. Filming yourself is only permitted at the end of the class with instructor’s direction.
– If instructor notifies you to wait for a spot, do not perform the exercise without the instructor physically assisting you.
– Refrain from leaning against the pony wall (wall divider) and mirrors. Use the blue wall for all directed exercises.

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