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Feel your results as much as seeing them - get more fit and have fun doing it!


Brand new to pole? Learn the foundations and start your pole journey here. This level is thoughtfully designed for beginners who do not have any pole dance experience. Spin, climb, and let loose :).
Requirement: None
Attire: Workout shorts, and a comfortable workout top. Socks are recommended if you do not have heels.


New to pole and want to learn all things exotic flow first? Warm up with exotic floorwork, then strap your heels on! Learn how to crawl, slink, walk, flow, body wave and heel clack! It’s all things flow and revealing your inner goddess!
Requirement: None
Attire: Workout shorts, and a comfortable workout top. Socks are recommended if you do not have heels. Kneepads recommended.


Free your feminine energy with this beginner-friendly heels, floorwork class. Empower yourself and get in tune with fluid and sensual dance movement. Release stagnate energy and awaken your innate being of expression.
Requirement: Beginners and first-timers welcome. No prior dance or pole experience needed.
Attire: Non-pole heels, preferably without a platform.  Think ankle boots with a heel, or a heel with some ankle support. Kneepads are strongly recommended (save your knees <3) If you do not have heels, socks are also appropriate. 


You’ve taken Beginner Foundations and are ready to level up. Fly up on the pole with beautiful aerial tricks and start dancing your way through your moves. High beginner to low intermediate.
Requirement: Must be able to securely climb on both static/spin, and do BEGINNER FOUNDATIONS spins.


Requirement: comfortable doing jasmine/genie/figurehead combos on both spin and static pole. Has already dropped down into an invert from a jasmine, or taken the equivalent in the Climb & Invert Lab classes. Approximately a few months of consistent pre-intermediate level practice.
Not sure if this level is right for you? Ask us and we are happy to help place you in the appropriate level

CLIMB & INVERT LAB (mixed level)

Learn to flip your skills upside down with inverts, and practice a variety of climbs and inverted tricks!
Requirement: None
Attire: shorts required


Create a seamless dance with our uniquely sexy routines! 
Pole’ography 1 skill requirement: Suitable for first-timers, new beginners.
Pole’ography 2 skill requirement: must be comfortable with Pole’ography 1
Attire: kneepads, heels or socks. 


Add some hip hop flair to your pole movement!  Have fun with some high-energy hip hop fused into dazzling polework and floorwork. 
Requirement: must already be comfortable in Pole’ography 1, Beginner Sexy Flow and Beginner Foundations. You do not need prior hip hop experience. 
Attire: Kneepads, sneakers

POLE GROOVES & SPLITS (all levels)

Energize your body with this grooves class that incorporates pole body waves, rolls, and fluidity. Enhance your intricate body undulations. Get deeper into your splits with all pole/floor tricks splitty!
All levels welcome.
Attire: pole heels or wear socks, and kneepads

POLE BODY (all levels)

Strengthen, condition, and stretch. Get all the tools you need here to be able to master the tricks you want!  Gain strength and mobility you’re looking for so that your favorite pole tricks and grooves feel better for your body.  Not just a typical workout class – get in your conditioning pole climbs here to keep you in tip-top pole shape.   
All levels welcome.
Attire: workout wear (form fitting shorts)


Boost mobility and get dancer-flexibility. Stretch and prep your body for pole! Use this class to help lengthen your entire body for pole, and at the same time stretch to gain better flexibility.
Prerequisite: None

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