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Brand new to pole?

Learn the essentials that will provide you with the foundation to move up to higher levels.
Sexy pole dance spins, transitions, and basic climbs are introduced in each class. Both static and spinning pole techniques are introduced. This level is carefully designed for beginners who do not have any pole dance experience.
Prerequisite: None
Workout shorts, and a comfortable workout top. Socks are recommended if you do not have heels.


high beginner to intermediate

You’ve taken Pole: Beginner for a while and are thinking about taking Pole: Intermediate. This class is a perfect addition! Upright poses and unconventional grips give you more variety now that you have learned how to climb and pole sit. Work with twisted grips, cup grips, and bracket holds.

Already taking Pole: Intermediate? Clean up your pole work and finesse your aerial climbs with beautiful tricks like the Flamingo, Apprentice, Figurehead, Planche, and Mercury.

Prerequisite: forearm climb up near the top, perform pole sit on both spin and static pirouette, and perform most Pole: Beginner spins comfortably.


Learn how to flip your skills upside down

Continuously build strength to prep you on learning how to properly invert. Increase your endurance with freedancing. Spins and invert combos will teach you how to become more aerial in your movement.
Prerequisite: You must be able to consistently climb, spin, and pirouette.


High intermediate to advanced

Not just a tricks class! Learn how to use the new pole tricks you will learn into your ongoing repetoire. New focus on transitions that guide you in and out of the trick will bring your entire pole skill level up a notch.
Prerequisite: must be able to perform aerial inverts, outside and inside leg hangs with strong contact points.


Amp up your pole workouts with learning how to flip your skills upside down with the basic inverts – laybacks, outside/inside leg hangs, caterpillars, and aerial inverts. Increase your endurance with longer combinations, and learning how to freedance. Spins such as the body spiral, blind hand grab, and the chair spin increase coordination, flexibility, and body strength.


Continuously build strength to prep you on learning how to properly invert. Fundamentals of different types of climbs and beginner pole combinations will help you build the coordination and comfortability of freedancing.


We recommend at least 6-8 weeks of Beginner level practice. To be able to move into Intermediate classes, you must be able to perform the following:

  • climb to the top
  • levitation pose
  • fireman spin
  • back hook spin
  • pirouette

Next Classes



Advanced focuses on the following aspects:
– handspring introduction and progressions
– more acrobatic pole tricks adding to your Advanced foundations.
– body stylizing technique and finessing transitions
– freedance and athletic performance coaching

Now that you have increased both your pole strength and endurance, take it to the next level with more pole tricks that will help you stay more aerial on the pole for a longer period of time.

Advanced Foundations taught: Superman, Ayesha, Butterfly, Jade, Cupid, Shoulder Mounts, Circus Climb.

Once you have learned these advanced foundations, higher level tricks that build on top of these skill sets will be introduced.


You must be able to perform these required Intermediate moves:

  • side climb
  • aerial invert
  • outside and inside leg hangs
  • blind hand grab spin
  • apprentice hold
  • helicopter

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