Sexy Chair Dance Workshop

Make your holiday season memorable with our sexy chair dance workshop! Gift yourself or your loved one with this 1-time workshop that features a special sexy choreography with just a folding chair and the floor.  Added bonus — you will also learn a fun striptease in this routine with Abi!  

Cozy up in a different way this holiday season at Inversion!

Attire: Bring kneepads! Leggings/Shorts are fine. Heels are recommended, or you can wear socks if you do not have any heels. Bring an extra loose layer such as a tank top or sweater to peel off during the striptease portion.
Dec. 4th 1p to 2:30p w/Abi
All levels welcome


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✖️Thurs. 12/9 @ 4:40pm — Pre Intermediate
✖️Thurs. 12/9 @ 5:50pm — Exotic Choreo (High Beginner)

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