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Born and raised in Orange County, Jenny Shih is the founder of Inversion Dance Studios, a pioneering pole dance studio in Orange County (Brea, CA) since 2009. Jenny brings a decade of pole dance experience and has a unique fitness background in diverse movement and philosophies, including strength & conditioning, martial arts, and parkour.

A graduate from USC (University of Southern California) with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Jenny has practiced various fitness strategies and goal setting habits in all aspects of her life that has helped her bring forth top-quality, organized dance fitness classes. Inversion’s class and business structure has prepared countless students to pursue careers in the pole fitness industry. As a coach, she is best known for her foundational technique and ability to cultivate students’ emotional and athletic connections for empowerment and confidence.

She currently enjoys various dance classes, Gyrotonic, and Pilates to creatively understand different strengthening and conditioning methods for Inversion’s students. Newer trends of pole dance instruction are continuously created and brought to Inversion’s classes through her deeper understanding and continuing education for mind/muscle connections, flexibility stretching, and longevity in fitness training.

Nominated for 2016 Pole World News: Best Choreographer award
First Aid/CPR/AED certified

“Pole dancing offers a unique blend of fitness, art, and self-expression unlike any other workout.”

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